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The History of the Agriculture Plane

Most commonly known as crop dusters, agriculture planes also perform many other functions to assist farmers.  Although most crop dusters are used to spray crops with…

This New Water-Cleaning Technology Harnesses the Power of Wriggly Worms

Dedicated gardeners and farmers have known about the amazing powers of earthworms for generations. But one Chilean company is trying to harness…

When Plants Are Cut, They Bleed, Sort Of

When humans suffer a cut, our blood coagulates into a gel, attempting to create a semi-solid blockage so that we don’t lose more blood than necessary. The field of plant “intelligence,”…

Grow Red Noodle Beans to Add Color to Your Farm Garden

If you want to enhance the visual look of your land, red noodle beans are a perfect choice! This is a variety of Chinese long beans that grows well in most…